Get a nationwide supply chain network
without the cost and headache of building your own

Long delivery times, inaccurate inventory, and fragmented logistics can impede your growth, cut into profit margins, and lead to a poor customer experience.

Warehouse Anywhere provides a nationwide network of fulfillment centers and rapid delivery options without the logistical nightmares or expenses of traditional warehousing solutions.

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Warehouse Anywhere is a better way to do business while keeping distribution simple, efficient, and affordable

Here's everything you need to know in under three minutes:


We'll earn your trust and simplify your warehousing needs, just like we did for:

Your customers have high expectations.
If you can't meet them, your competitors will.

Delivery times, marketplace compliance, SLA results…it all relies on the strength of your supply chain.
But finding a competitive distribution model presents you with some critical challenges:

  • You can't handle it all yourself:

    There isn't enough time and money to build your own complex warehousing logistics system

  • Most 3PLs have hidden costs of doing business:

    Your inventory isn't available, delivery times are slow, square footage is expensive, and reports are inaccurate

  • Failure to deliver isn't an option:

    More established competitors will push you out of the market if an efficient solution isn't found

Your warehousing logistics need an overhaul if:

Imagine getting access to a secure network of over 11,000 mini-warehouses nationwide

(while keeping costs down and management effortless)

With Warehouse Anywhere, you'll finally be able to:

  • Consistently make same-day, one-day, and two-day deliveries anywhere

  • Have assets on the ground wherever they're needed

  • Run a reliable supply chain with push-button automation

Warehouse Anywhere: The most cost-effective 3PL solution

Here's how you get a local edge with nationwide service:

We use a forward-deployed model that strategically places your inventory in multiple market hotspots across our network of 11,000+ storage locations, so product is never far from its final destination.

For you, that means decreased technician downtime, one-day delivery options, thicker profit margins, and a competitive advantage.

map of single warehousemap of forwardard deployment with many warehouses
supply chain management software

You bring the inventory, we take care of the rest

With multiple plans to suit any business, you get to choose and customize our level of involvement within your supply chain.

From private storage locations to complete order fulfillment, we have the logistics expertise and real estate footprint to serve your unique supply chain needs.

package being delivered and signed for

Reach more customers in less time, and for less money

With Warehouse Anywhere you won't need to spend millions on a distribution infrastructure, but your customers won't know the difference.

In fact, they'll just be happier with your improved service and quicker delivery!

Everything you need for faster, easier, more secure distribution

All of the infrastructure, technology, and logistics of a nationwide distribution network are provided for you.

  • Over 11,000 Locations Nationwide

    Bring your products closer to your demand signals and customer hotspots

  • Accurate Automated
    Inventory Tracking(Enterprise plans only)

    No more missing product. No more counting it, either.

  • You Decide Who Gets Access
    To Each Facility(With applicable plans)

    Your assets are always secure with remote smart lock technology.

  • Hands-Free Fulfillment
    In Major Markets Across the US(Lightspeed plans only)

    For a more concierge service, we offer pick, pack and ship services

  • Seamless Integration With
    Your Current Systems(With applicable plans)

    We'll handle the systems integration, onboarding process, and train your employees, too.

  • Manage Your Distribution
    System With A Click Or Tap(With applicable plans)

    Get full visibility and control of your warehouses through the web portal and mobile app.

Finally, a competitive 3PL system that makes distribution effortless.

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Inventory management doesn't get any easier than this

Our proprietary supply chain software, Spyglass, helps eliminate human error while driving security and efficiency.

(Features available with applicable plans only)

  • RFID tags track and log inventory in real-time without counting or manual input
  • View updated inventory reports, proof of delivery and access logs
  • Intelligent locking system only grants access to permitted personnel
  • Motion-triggered video surveillance protects your assets
  • Easy online management of your warehousing system
  • GPS directions to the nearest warehouse and stock visibility for your technicians on the ground

Within weeks you could be running an automated network of:

mini warehouse

Warehouses in all your customer hotspots across the country

We work with you to pinpoint the best locations for your warehouses, based on your market and storage needs.

With our customized flat-rate plans, getting an optimized strategy for your distribution system is transparent, cost-effective, and scalable.

boxes on warehouse shelves

Storage that matches the needs of your assets and the standards of your industry

Protect the value of your products with a storage solution optimized to suit your industry's high standards.

Your plan will be custom-tailored to you, giving you the right spaces with the right features.

stocked warehouse shelves

Strategically spread-out inventory that you'll never need to count again

(Enterprise plans only)

With RFID trackers and real-time product visibility, you'll always know what's in stock, in transit, and delivered.

Plus, we set up the trackers and scanners for you, turning your biggest inventory headache into the simplest way to protect your profits.

inventory management software

Fully integrated technology that helps your personnel work smarter and faster

(Applicable plans only)

We handle the merging Spyglass with your current systems - plus training your employees on how to use it.

With Spyglass, your storage network operates smoothly while reducing human error; from assisting your team on the ground to give you high-level control of the entire system.

inventory picking

Our couriers are ready to receive, pick, pack, and ship products

(Lightspeed plans only)

Need a complete end-to-end fulfillment service? Get it all in one system, one invoice, and one point of contact.

Our Lightspeed solution manages inventory logistics for e-commerce, handling your stock at every stage from the supplier to the customer's doorstep.

Deliver quicker, get more customers, and profit with low maintenance inventory management

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Warehouse Anywhere specializes in simplifying the storage needs of:

(Click on the box that best describes your business to see how we can help you)

Smooth set-up and an even smoother logistics network

Get up and running fast with the most value-driven 3PL solution on the market.
Here's how we guide you through our simple onboarding process:

Your business is meant for great things. Warehouse Anywhere is meant for your business.

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Questions that business owners frequently ask before saying “yes” to Warehouse Anywhere:

Will it be complicated to switch from my existing 3PL provider?

We handle all the logistics of switching your inventory system over from another provider to Warehouse Anywhere. From integrating Spyglass software into your current management systems to transferring stock into your new warehouses, our team makes it easy to get you running with a forward deployment model that increases your speed to market.

I already have storage spaces close to my customers. Why do I need Warehouse Anywhere?

We're not just a storage company - we're a storage technology company. Our proprietary Spyglass software makes inventory management a breeze. View updated reports, track inventory in and out, manage your warehouses, and more from your desktop or phone.

Plus, most storage facilities are only accessible during certain hours, creating hidden inventory costs or causing you to lose out on business. With Warehouse Anywhere, any employee with access permission can enter your warehouse 24/7 with our Bluetooth SmartLocks.

I feel like my E-commerce business could never compete with big retailers like Walmart and Amazon. Can your system actually help?


You don't need a multi-billion dollar fulfillment infrastructure to perform like one. With our nationwide network of mini-warehouses, a profile manager to assist in creating your retail distribution strategy, and a platform that makes inventory management a breeze, it's never been more simple to play in the big leagues.

Does this solution work for industries other than retail?


Even though we're popular with retailers like Michael Kors for boosting their speed of delivery, companies in the medical device industry (such as Allergan), the field service industry (such as Diebold) and the pharmaceutical industry have all seen their bottom line improved by Warehouse Anywhere.

Whether you want to eliminate inventory shortages, increase compliance, improve SLA results, or get a competitive advantage, Warehouse Anywhere is the supply chain solution that delivers.

Do you provide fulfillment services?

With our Lightspeed plan, you can sit back and enjoy complete hands-free fulfillment from our shared warehouses located in all major markets. At a cost-effective flat rate per box, our fulfillment team can pick, pack, kit, and ship orders to your end consumer. We'll also receive, tag, and organize new stock as it arrives, keeping your inventory counts airtight.