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Warehouse Anywhere brings the inventory tracking advantages of traditional third party distribution centers to small warehouses placed anywhere in the US. Using our innovations in inventory tracking, your assets can now be remotely secured, monitored, and audited for chain of custody.Read More

Inventory tracking software that truly enables remote supply chain management

Your inventory is likely the cornerstone of your business, but if it's not tracked efficiently and accurately, then it's losing value fast. Whether you're keeping consumer-facing products in a warehouse, or storing equipment so it's readily available for your technical team for remote or off-site jobs, you want to know that what you need is where you need it to be. That's why Warehouse Anywhere is leading the way in joining supplier-managed inventory with superior supply chain technology. We support your unmanned warehouse needs by using high-tech software so that you can access your inventory from your desktop computer or your phone, 24 hours a day.

Cloud-connected warehousing

Warehouse Anywhere makes the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality in supply chain management. Your inventory and chain of custody are instantly accessible and tracked continuously with our cloud-connected electronics and software:

The technology behind Warehouse Anywhere grants you unparalleled visibility, control and reporting capabilities. Even with the expense of 3PL solutions, you won't gain the transparency our Inventory Management solution offers - plus, you'll get the advantage of placing your warehouses virtually anywhere in the US.

Using our continuous scanning technology for your supply chain services:

Our proprietary continuous scanning software automates inventory tracking that would otherwise take a large staff to count and monitor. A multitude of industries use this technology for various tracking needs. For example, as an item reaches a destination point, it is immediately tagged with hundreds of scans per second 24/7/365. Each electromagnetic tag contains specific information pertinent to each of our customers allowing for up-to-the-second live asset tracking.

Smart Tracking In Services: Use-Case Scenarios
Use of Warehouse Anywhere in the Service Industry

The Service Industry is a competitive environment where contracts are won based on the speed of service. With access to over 10,000 wholly owned and partner locations, Warehouse Anywhere will plan and optimize your storage network and inventory around your customers and their machine base. Offering tailored solutions to meet your SLAs, we provide a competitive advantage over your competition.

For example, a current customer of Warehouse Anywhere needed to improve the percentage of completed jobs under their SLA of 4 hours. Together we accomplished the goal without increasing the overall square footage of warehouse space. By expanding their current network from 4 to 13 locations, we optimized our client's inventory around their customer machine base. The new network increased the percentage of customer machines within 30 minutes of a warehouse by 32% and had an immediate benefit on their SLA percentage.

Inventory Accuracy - Knowing your inventory and chain of custody is not only helpful for running your business effectively, but it may also be necessary for your accounting and compliance obligations. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 stipulates that public companies are responsible for establishing and maintaining internal controls. Warehouse Anywhere provides the tools to accurately account for inventory and inventory transactions from shipping to point of use. Our smart tracking technology gives you the confidence of knowing that your inventory is there. Our Inventory Tools give you the ability to view transactions, inventory chain of custody, inbound/outbound reports, aged inventory reports, access reports, and much more.

RFID in supply chain management

Those are all great scenarios, but how does Warehouse Anywhere use RFID in supply chain management?Read More
How does this supply chain technology boost efficiency?
Supplier-managed inventory efficiencies with Warehouse Anywhere

We looked at how most third-party logistics providers offer services in order to create even more efficiencies. Generally, supplier-managed inventory is tracked two ways:

Manual checklists: An agent checks inventory in and out of a warehouse on paper.

Data entry: An agent uses a scanner or mobile application and manually scans and enters each inventory item.

Our Inventory Management solution advantage

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