Fashion Warehousing Fulfillment & Supply Chain

Get the most out of your fashion retail inventory management & order fulfillment

Much more than just a fulfillment service, Warehouse Anywhere enables fashion brands to optimize the money they invest in their supply chain through a flexible, scalable network of intelligent micro fulfillment centers and the tech needed to rapidly adjust to changing market needs.

Fulfill orders to your specifications, and lower last mile costs

As a fashion and lifestyle brand, you spend a pretty penny on order fulfillment. Why shouldn't that investment also get you ideal placement and management of your inventory throughout the supply chain?

By leveraging Warehouse Anywhere as your partner in retail logistics, you will…

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Fulfill Deliveries Same Day

With almost infinite distribution locations available to you through our network, fashion retailers can offer a product to their customers far faster than ever before. The last-mile was never more accurate than it is now when your product can live within five miles of the destination.

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Accuracy rate in fulfilling orders


Orders ship on time within SLA


Two-Day Ground Shipping Coverage

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Columbus, OH
Las Vegas, NV
Atlanta, GA
Los Angeles, CA
5 E-Commerce Fulfillment Centers

How Our Fashion Supply Chain Solutions Save You Money:

  • RFID technology brings the cost- and time-savings of retail giants' supply chain strategies to fashion brands of all sizes, whether strictly online or within a traditional retail model.
  • Better data on inventory and demand allow us to make the best recommendations on your retail logistics.
  • Just in time inventory lets you service your customer faster.
  • Our nationwide footprint opens entirely new markets to retailers in days instead of months.
  • By forward-deploying your inventory closer to your brick-and-mortar, inventory replenishment can realistically happen within two hours.

Place inventory where it's needed to reduce missed opportunities and improve customer experience

Buying and staffing large apparel fulfillment centers is a thing of the past. Instead, strategically extend your reach in just a few days with Warehouse Anywhere.

We're well-versed in fashion logistics, offering services including:

  • Fashion E-commerce Fulfillment

  • Offsite Storage & Delivery

  • Returns Management

  • Supply Chain Optimization

  • Inventory Management

  • Buy Online Pick Up In Store

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Get the agility of retail giants without sacrificing the personal touches that make your brand unique.

Whether you sell apparel or lifestyle products, Warehouse Anywhere is your solution for better business.

Simply fill out the form, fire it off, and a Warehouse Anywhere consultant will get back to you within 1-2 business days.