Reduce Shipping Times & Costs with Forward Stocking Locations

Our forward stocking locations offer speed, accuracy, and flexibility for all your critical inventory and service parts logistics needs

Warehouse Anywhere's forward stocking locations are designed to be flexible and configurable, allowing businesses to tailor their warehousing and fulfillment solutions to their specific needs.

Enhance Your Inventory Management with Warehouse Anywhere's Forward Stocking Locations

Stock closer to your point of use and eliminate delays in providing the right parts on time. By leveraging our strategically located forward stocking locations, you can reduce your technicians' drive time while increasing inventory availability, resulting in improved service level agreement (SLA) response times and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Our forward stocking location model makes it easy to protect your reputation and build strong client relationships

Traditional hub + spoke distribution model

Illustration of a traditional hub + spoke distribution model with a single warehouse
Traditional hub and spoke distribution models can increase costs with expedited shipping fees, decrease customer satisfaction, and even result in SLA penalties.

Forward stocking locations with Warehouse Anywhere

By utilizing our forward stock locations, your technicians can quickly respond to and complete more work orders, as critical inventory is kept closer to the work sites.
Illustration of multiple warehouses representing forward stocking locations with Warehouse Anywhere's approach

Warehouse Anywhere's forward stocking locations are designed to help businesses get their products closer to their customers, which can result in faster shipping times and lower shipping costs. Here are some more details about their forward stocking locations:

  • Network of warehouses: Warehouse Anywhere has a network of warehouses located throughout the United States, including in major cities and near transportation hubs. Businesses can choose the locations that make the most sense for their customers and inventory.
  • Flexible space: Businesses can rent as much or as little space as they need in each warehouse location. This allows them to adjust their inventory levels based on demand and seasonal fluctuations.
  • Technology platform: Warehouse Anywhere provides a technology platform that businesses can use to manage their inventory, orders, and shipping from their forward stocking locations. The platform integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce.
  • Configured services: Warehouse Anywhere can provide configurable services to businesses that need more than just warehouse space. This includes kitting, returns management, and other value-added services.

Streamline your field service logistics for more flexibility and faster growth with Warehouse Anywhere's Forward Stocking Locations

  • Our tailored plans are designed to suit any business size or service range

  • Real-time RFID Inventory Tracking *

    Stay updated with accurate inventory counts as your techs access stock

  • 24/7 Intelligent Security *

    Choose who gets access to your secure storage with our smart locks

  • Courier Services *

    Let our couriers handle your spare parts logistics so your team can focus on the job

  • Seamless Transition and Implementation *

    We'll take care of IT integration and product relocation, making the transition easy for you

  • Agile Inventory Management *

    Move products to other locations based on demand and improve your inventory management

During your initial consultation, we'll assess your needs and create a tailored solution for your business.

Optimize Field Service Operations with Warehouse Anywhere's Forward Stocking Locations

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Reclaim your field service team's time and boost their productivity with Warehouse Anywhere's innovative solutions

Efficient sales with Pharma stock Eliminate Long Drive Times

Eliminate long drive times with our extensive network of forward stocking locations strategically positioned near your demand points.

Avoid delays and SLA penalties by storing inventory in forward stocking locations, with over 1,000 locations nationwide to choose from.

Automatic RFID tracking for inventory Minimize Errors with RFID Tracking Technology

Minimize product scanning, reduce errors, and gain real-time visibility into inventory status with our advanced RFID tracking technology.

Streamline compliance checks and build trust with clients while alleviating the burden on your team.

LFlexibility to move inventory as needed Get Flexibility with Multiple Forward Depots

Stay agile with the flexibility to move inventory where it's needed and ensure the availability of the right products.

Multiple forward depots allow you to proactively adjust your parts distribution based on demand, with real-time stock visibility to stay ahead of the curve.

Convenient parts delivery to work site Deliver Parts Directly to the Work Site

Have parts delivered directly to the work site, saving your technicians valuable time and enabling them to meet tight deadlines.

Perfect for Service and Repair Companies:


For businesses that require a complete solution, Warehouse Anywhere's Enterprise package is the perfect fit.

  • One Single Lease for all Forward Stocking Locations
  • Consolidated Invoicing for Simplified Billing
  • 24/7 Customer Support for Your Peace of Mind
  • Dedicated Account Manager to Ensure Your Needs are Met
  • Intelligent Locking System for Secure Inventory Storage
  • Web and Mobile Application for Easy Inventory Management
  • Last Mile Delivery for Fast and Reliable Service
  • Real-time Inventory Tracking for Full Visibility
  • Next Flight Out Delivery for Critical Parts Delivery

Optimize Your Inventory Management with Warehouse Anywhere's Forward Stocking Locations

Streamline your distribution model and meet competitive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with ease.

Empower your technicians with a system of strategically located forward depots that enhance their efficiency and productivity.

Warehouse Anywhere is your trusted solution for superior business performance.

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