Omni-Channel Retailing Solutions for 2019

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The Only Omni-Channel Retailing Resources You Will Ever Need

How do you compete with major retailers whose assets and reach allow them to fulfill customer orders same-day? Partnering with Warehouse Anywhere as a 3PL equips you with the technology and distribution network to place inventory where it's needed to reduce missed opportunities and improve customer satisfaction.

Our mobile and web applications provide visibility and control, which give you the retailer the ability to manage your inventory with nearly 100% accuracy everywhere you need to be. You'll be too busy focusing on increased order completion rates to notice the impact the forward-deployed inventory model has on reducing your last mile costs.

Rapidly Test and Enter New Markets

Tech startups seem to pop up overnight and scale their apps to millions of customers. Often it can feel like physical good retailers are left behind the tech boom.

The combination of technology and tangibles has finally come together in the Warehouse Anywhere process. Retailers are no longer dependent on buying and staffing large warehouse locations. Instead, leverage the vast retail distribution service we have to offer. We can help you extend your reach in just a few days.

Fulfill Deliveries Same Day

With almost infinite distribution locations available to you through our network, retailers can offer a product to their customers far faster than ever before. The last-mile was never more accurate than it is now when your product can live within five miles of the destination.

Replenishment Inventory is Only a Few Miles Away

Increased sales can mean that a retailer is faced with shortages or outages of a key product. If that product lives just moments away, that product can be backfilled the same day.

By forward-deploying your inventory closer to your brick & mortar, inventory replenishment can realistically happen within two hours. Think of all the valuable shelf space you could free up knowing inventory is just around the corner. Our technology manages the retail logistics for you, so your business can focus on bringing customers through the doors.

Never again let a customer see an empty spot on a shelf. Make sure each customer that wants to make a purchase can walk out with their items.

Just In Time Inventory

A lean supply chain is always conscious of the space taken by inventory, and the time it takes to get it to the customer. Our retail distribution services bring the product closer to the shelf than ever before.

Legacy retail distribution systems begin in large warehouses with multiple manual touch points and long lead times as product is combined and shipped. Bringing the inventory closer to the shelf makes the distribution agile, better able to rapidly adjust to changing demands. Transparent technology solutions allow better communication through the supply chain. As demands shift across the country, the distribution channel can rapidly shift to match.

Carry only the inventory you need, where you need it, and have access when you need it the most.

How Our Inventory Management Technology Saves You Money

Utilizing the latest in RFID technology, Warehouse Anywhere can provide more reliable data to bend the cost curve for omnichannel retailers. Walmart pioneered the use of RFID as a cost- and time-saving measure. Warehouse Anywhere brings that same power to retailer distribution of all sizes.Read More

Better data on inventory and demand allow us to make the best recommendations on your retail logistics. Just in time inventory lets you service your customer faster. Our nationwide locations open entirely new markets to businesses in days instead of months.

Connections to multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) mean the data is current and accurate no matter where the report runs.

Take Control of Your Last-Mile Today

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