Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee | Warehouse Anywhere

Christopher Lee is the Director of Business Development for Warehouse Anywhere. He is a Six Sigma Black Belt, and has developed, managed and integrated many cost-saving measures across multiple industries. Christopher is a graduate of Duke University, attended the U.S. Naval Academy and even earned a Congressional Endorsement.

In his previous position as Senior Business Analyst for Intellectual Capital Solutions, one of Christopher's major assignments was for Accuride International, where he led the business analysis team for Global Acquisitions and Workforce Consolidation across Germany, Russia, China and Europe. Also in this role, he developed and implemented a database compliance algorithm for Flint Schools District State Reporting.

In his current position for Warehouse Anywhere, Christopher brings an analytical, results-oriented approach to aligning third-party deliverables and KPIs to organizational goals. Christopher is also well versed in lean supply chain ERM functions and implementations.