Warehouse Anywhere offers two solutions to suit your business needs for multi-location warehousing, inventory management, and distribution services that reduce shipping costs and losses from shrinkage.Read More

Whether you need localized stocking locations or a complete inventory tracking and security solution, Warehouse Anywhere offers services that traditional third party distribution centers simply can't match.

Storage Solution

Our storage management solution provides you with procurement and management of warehouse space at thousands of storage companies nationally. Warehouse Anywhere will find a suitable storage space, lease on your behalf, centralize your payments, and manage access privileges for your associates in the field.

Inventory Solution

Our inventory management solution combines the Storage Solution with our RFID technology and Spyglass software.Your warehouses become mini fulfillment centers, where your products are tracked precisely within the space and as they move locally. This solution also offers logistics services, where Warehouse Anywhere can dispatch courier service to move your products to local destinations.

Compare our Solutions

Storage Asset Management Inventory Asset Management
Sourcing warehouse space in any US city
Leasing proxy and management
Centralized invoice for warehouse leasing
Web Portal access for warehouse information
Management of access to warehouses for field associates
Inventory tracking system in warehouse
Web Portal access for inventory tracking
Warehouse access auditing
Mobile app for field associate inventory management
Mobile app-enabled Bluetooth lock for field associate access
Delivery services for inventory pick-up/drop-off
= Available = Not Available = Optional

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