Place and track inventory in over 12,000 locations

Now you can stock closer to your customer than ever before — all without costly third party distribution centers. Better yet, you'll reduce shrinkage and shipping costs!

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Supply Chain Logistics

Warehouse Anywhere connects ground-breaking technology with Life Storage's storage asset management platform to provide a warehousing and distribution solution never seen before in the industry.

Whether you need multi-location storage solutions, or a fully forward deployed inventory solution, see how Warehouse Anywhere can serve your business.

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Find out how Warehouse Anywhere can simplify your inventory warehousing needs. Send us a little info and we'll prove it to you.

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Warehouse Anywhere is everywhere your business needs to be.

Our locations in all 50 states allow your business to store a high volume of units in multiple storage facilities to create efficiencies for your team.

Concerned that your business is located in an area that's too remote or rural? Or do you need your parts and materials closer to end-use? Before you look for a distribution warehouse, ask us to plot all of the US cities where you need to be. We can assist in optimizing for your demand, allowing you to select from over 12,000 warehousing facilities where you can effectively forward deploy.

Leave the logistics to us - with an unrivaled combination of security, technology and trained account manager, we can provide you with supply chain transportation services and warehousing facilities for all of your needs, anywhere.

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