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PLACE AND TRACK INVENTORY IN OVER 9000 WAREHOUSES Now you can stock closer to your customer than ever before – all without costly third party distribution centers. Better yet, you’ll reduce shrinkage and shipping costs!More Details

Supply Chain Services and Warehouse Solutions

Warehouse Anywhere connects ground-breaking technology with Life Storage’s storage asset management platform to provide a warehousing and distribution solution never seen before in the industry.

Inventory Tracking Technology

Real-time inventory tracking

If you're moving inventory around the country, you need to minimize loss and maximize efficiency. Unlike other supply chain networks, Warehouse Anywhere offers proprietary software that keep tabs on every item, every time, with accuracy that can’t be achieved manually.

Courier Perform Deliveries

Delivery Services

The Warehouse Anywhere team will accept deliveries and manage shipments on your behalf, so that you can streamline operations. Plus, with our Inventory Asset Management solution, you can dispatch deliveries of your inventory to local destinations.

Controls for Invoices and Leasing

Leasing Controls & Billing

We manage all facility leasing on your behalf, assuring the spaces are properly secured. Your business will receive a single invoice, delivered electronically, that maintains records of every expense code, associate name and cost associated with your supply chain, transportation and warehousing solutions nationwide.

Controls for Associate Access Privileges

Associate Access Controls

Whether your business requires strict access controls for compliance or to manage turnover, our solution allows you to easily manage them. Our team does the leg-work for rental agreement modifications and access codes changes for each of your warehousing facilities.

Website with Useful Account Management Tools

Online Portal

You get complete visibility to your inventory and locations by using your company's secure web portals for warehouse and inventory management. Additionally, you’ll be able to request additional spaces, change access privileges for associates, see and maintain internal expense codes, and more.

Mobile App used for Inventory Management and Lock Management

Mobile App

Our Android mobile application extends the capability of our Inventory Asset Management solution. On the go, your associates will be able to view inventory at each warehouse facility, get directions to the closest facility containing the inventory your after, and even unlock a Bluetooth-enabled lock.

Whether you need multi-location storage solutions, or a fully forward deployed inventory solution, see how Warehouse Anywhere can serve your business.

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Is this too good to be true?

Find out how Warehouse Anywhere can simplify your inventory warehousing needs. Send us a little info, and we’ll prove it to you.

Warehousing solutions with accurate inventory control

Managing a supply chain requires a few basics. Transportation, warehousing facilities and inventory control are the keys to maximizing your bottom line. Warehouse Anywhere will store your assets and can deliver them to the end-user fast and with real-time tracking.

Warehouse Anywhere supply chain services

Technology is what makes Warehouse Anywhere unique among supply chain networks. Your supply chain network will include an online portal and mobile app that optimize efficiencies. You can track every item in and through any of our warehousing facilities by logging onto the desktop portal.

From your own computer, you can sort inventory lists, search for items and create custom downloadable reports. The mobile app allows access to the warehouse; your team on the ground only needs a smartphone to enter the physical property. Or, the Warehouse Anywhere staff can be part of your warehousing solutions. With special permissions, we'll access your inventory and take care of the delivery - so no worries for you. That's how we're offering what traditional supply chain networks and fulfillment providers don't.

Worry-free warehousing solutions

Your end game is making sure that your inventory is received by the end-user, or that service-level agreements are met. Our priority is to provide the highest-level supply chain services possible to make warehousing solutions for your assets seamless and fast. The keys to efficiencies are accuracy, speed and cost-effectiveness. When it comes supply chain network services, those are our specialties. Here's just a peek at what makes Warehouse Anywhere services more than basic warehousing facilities - we're your full-service supply chain network provider.

How do you do this?

The key to our success is the technology we’ve developed to efficiently manage multi-location storage assets and inventory tracking. No matter where you need to do business, we can create a local warehouse there, give you full visibility to the products you place there, control who accesses it, and even provide logistics services to move your products locally.

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Warehouse Anywhere is everywhere your business needs to be.

Logistics services provided through courier deliveries and forward-deployed warehouses

Our locations in all 50 states allow your business to store a high volume of units in multiple storage facilities to create efficiencies for your team.

Leave the logistics to us - with an unrivaled combination of security, technology and trained account manager, we can provide you with supply chain transportation services and warehousing facilities for all of your needs, anywhere.

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Warehouse locations all over the US to serve your needs
Go anywhere with the Warehouse Anywhere supply chain network!

Concerned that your business is located in an area that's too remote or rural? Or do you need your parts and materials closer to end-use? Before you look for a distribution warehouse, ask us to plot all of the US cities where you need to be. We can assist in optimizing for your demand, allowing you to select from over 9000 warehousing facilities where you can effectively forward deploy.