Last Mile Delivery and Logistics Solutions

Slash delivery times and shipping costs with affordable last mile logistics

Warehouse Anywhere's nationwide system of fulfillment centers helps you place inventory where it's needed most to reduce missed opportunities and increase customer satisfaction.

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Gain total command and control of your supply chain and delivery times without the expenses of a big warehouse

With a network of mini-warehouses in all of your high traffic markets, your last mile can be as fast and agile as Amazon's. Warehouse Anywhere lets you…

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Our forward-stocking inventory model makes last mile logistics agile and more affordable

Traditional hub + spoke distribution model

map of single warehouse
Shipping costs are high and delivery can take days or weeks, hurting customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.

Forward stocking locations with Warehouse Anywhere

map of forwardard deployment with many warehouses
Put your products as close as possible to your customer demand signals or even within one-day delivery distance without increasing your inventory carrying cost.
efficient last mile delivery

5 ways Warehouse Anywhere turns your last mile into the most efficient part of your supply chain:

Everything you need to streamline your last mile logistics and reduce distribution costs

  • Tailored Flat-Rate Plans

    Plans that suit your business no matter your industry or business size

  • Real-time RFID Tracking*

    Enable stringent inventory control without ever needing to manually count stock

  • Secure Anytime Access*

    Intelligent Locks keep assets safe while giving your reps and employees quick 24/7 access

  • Courier Services*

    Options for complete pick, pack and ship order fulfillment and as-needed last mile delivery

  • System Integration*

    We handle product relocation and IT integration so you don't have to

  • Reliable Reporting*

    Get detailed and accurate inventory reports in your web portal and mobile app

*Select plans only. During your initial consult, we'll discuss your needs and create a solution that's tailored to your business

By this time next week, you could be scaling rapidly while saving money on your last mile.

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Here's how you can optimize your entire supply chain and last mile logistics at the same time with Warehouse Anywhere

healthcare product inventory

Keep your products within one or two-day delivery distance of all your customer hotspots

(Select plans only)

Our experts will help you choose the best warehouses for you from our network of 11,000+ locations based on your demand signal.

Finally, provide on-demand deliveries, boost customer satisfaction, and cut down on shipping costs that eat into your profit margins.

FDA compliance meeting

RFID tracking opens new doors of opportunity for compliance, efficiency, and inventory management

(Select plans only)

Your warehouses will be outfitted with RFID tracking technology that monitors and updates product status in real-time.

Track data points, view the full chain of custody, reduce warehouse labor, automate FDA compliance, and enable your reps to quickly access inventory.

efficient last mile delivery

Consolidate your billing for transportation, warehousing and supply chain costs into one invoice

(Select plans only)

Simplify your bookkeeping and expedite audits with a single, detailed invoice that encompasses your entire supply chain.

Your billing will be segmented by expense codes, associates, and stages of your supply chain for easy referencing.

inventory calculations

24/7 smart security keeps your assets safe while giving you control over who gets access to each location

(Select plans only)

Intelligent Locking technology and motion sensing security cameras let you know who is entering your warehouses and when.

Management can remotely grant and remove access permissions to the right associates.

shipping software

Need us to deliver or move products for you? Take advantage of our courier service

(Select plans only)

When time is critical and you don't have the resources or manpower to move needed products, our couriers can get the job done for you.

Need a complete fulfillment service? On Lightspeed plans, we'll handle pick, pack, and ship services as well.

Choose the right plan for your business

Get the delivery speed and logistics of retail giants at an affordable rate.

A simpler, more efficient, and cost-effective distribution model is one email away.

Warehouse Anywhere helps you get on track to improving the times and costs of your last mile within days, not weeks.

Simply fill out the form, fire it off, and a Warehouse Anywhere consultant will get back to you within 1-2 business days to discuss your needs and options.

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