Last Mile Logistics

Our last mile logistics solutions use advanced technology to place inventory and assets where they're needed most, reducing missed opportunities and improving customer satisfaction. Read More

With Warehouse Anywhere, you get greater visibility, control, and accuracy everywhere you need to be, all while minimizing last mile costs.

Last Mile Delivery and Logistics Solutions

Provide Same Day Delivery For Your Customers

With over 10,000 distribution locations across the United States, our last mile solutions enable you to promise product to your customers far faster than ever before. Standout in your market by delivering excellence, the same day.

With advanced analytics on your inventory, you can get a very clear picture of what your customers need and when. It is impossible to predict a large market shift when a product is mentioned on Dr. Oz. For those times that fall outside of the prediction model, being able to reduce the last mile means your customers never have empty shelves.

Just In Time Inventory for Lean Supply Chains

The lean concept began in manufacturing, but manufacturers and distributors still rely on their customers to hold excess inventory against future demand. While all business owners try to reduce costs tied up in sitting inventory, the inventory needs to be weighed against the cost of shipping partial containers.

Warehouse Anywhere brings product further across the last mile. The advantages of the technology and multiple integrations allow transparency throughout the supply chain. This enables retailers to create the demand and get product delivered just as their customers need it.

Create the distribution channels that can rapidly shift as demands change across the country. Warehouse Anyware can make you the supplier in the market who always has product.

Last Mile Delivery and Logistics Solutions

Warehouse Anywhere has the network and technology to help you optimize your last mile for 100% accuracy and speed to compete with supply chain models like that of Walmart or Amazon. Read More

Pharmaceutical Grade Chain of Custody

Few industries face greater scrutiny than Pharma. With product that can be classified as a controlled substance, it is critical to know exactly who handled product and when.

Beyond just traceability, Warehouse Anywhere specializes in temperature, expiry, lot, and serial tracking using state of the art RFID. Supporting both LIFO and FIFO, you can rest assured that your product will arrive fresh as intended.

Pairing transaction logging with access controls gives you transparency on custody every step of the way. Audits become simple with real-time tracking through the full chain of custody. You'll be amazed to find how automation makes the increased visibility even more cost effective!

Reduced Overhead with Vendor Managed Inventory

Having a fully connected supply chain with deep integrations to third-party systems allows you to offer your customers the ability to manage their own orders in their own systems.

A widely distributed 3PL service keeps product near the customers to shrink the last-mile. Customers can often get the order on the same day, meeting or exceeding their expectations.

Minimizing Consignment with Last Mile Logistics

Manufacturers and distributors used to need consignment to bring the product to the customer. Unfortunately, it was at the cost of the wasted product and control. Your goods become commodities in a vending machine rather than the perfect solution that solves a problem at the right time.

Warehouse Anywhere's last mile logistics model facilitates the relationship between the sales rep and the hospital, increases chain of custody transparency, all while saving your sales team time managing their inventory.

Courier Services Bring Product Closer to Your Team

For those emergencies when a customer needs product immediately, Warehouse Anywhere's courier service can even help manage last-mile delivery to free up your team.

Your service rep can regain precious time needed to resolve business critical issues to meet Service Level Agreements. Warehouse Anywhere's carefully selected and trained staff can bring the product to where it is needed, with full transparency to the chain of custody.

Leverage the tools and team at your disposal to create an amazing experience for your customers. Connect with one of our supply chain experts to see how our solutions can improve your last mile.

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