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Respond Faster With Agile Healthcare Logistics

Cloud-connected warehousing is the future of inventory management for healthcare logistics. With Warehouse Anywhere's technology, you will gain fuller visibility into your inventory while enabling your sales team with more accurate information.

Healthcare supply chain management requires oversight and transparency for each stage of the supply chain. Getting life-saving product from the supplier into a patient's hands can seem like an impossible task at times.

The best hospital supply chain solution facilitates compliance with regulation while enabling the sales force to build the right relationships. See how Warehouse Anywhere is doing just that.

Enforce FDA Compliance with Custody Tracking

Healthcare supply chain management is all about traceability, from recalls to expiration dates, lot numbers and even temperature controls.

The latest RFID technology can automate the tracking of lot, expiration and temperature throughout the life of an item. When managing medical supply logistics, many data points need to be tracked on each item. Warehouse Anywhere gives you visibility into all of these, and lets you control LIFO or FIFO picking methods.

Through automated data collection, increased visibility is made more cost-effective. RFID can happen in real time. If your sales rep needs to know a stocking level, they can run a request — not to the data — but of a live scan of the location to verify the product is there.

For FDA Compliance drug samples cannot be stored at home locations. Inventory access must be controlled, managed and visible, with insight into expiry of goods. When inventory is safely stored within the last mile of a customer, proper compliance becomes easy to follow.

Close More Deals with Speed of Delivery

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Amazon and Walmart have shaped the expectations of all of us. While the healthcare field is vastly different, the expectations still follow the consumer. Product must be in stock and delivered same or next day.

The old supply chain of two distribution centers has proven to be too costly and damaging to customers' expectations. These massive investments in land, labor and shipping sadly only result in poor customer reviews.

Partnering with a healthcare supply chain management company like Warehouse Anywhere will ensure that sales reps can get access to the right product when it is needed. Reducing the last mile is the key to trust between supplier and customer.

Ease Inventory Management for Sales Reps

In a fiercely competitive market, trust is a key differentiator. Your customer should always trust that their orders will be timely. Your sales team should trust that they have enough time to build relationships. Healthcare supply chain solutions help facilitate this process.

Tools like real-time RFID inventory management give your sales team updated inventory status through both mobile and web applications. With the use of RFID systems at each location, sales reps have the freedom to grab product and go. Tracking access and items accurately helps transfer some of the power from warehouse manager to sales personnel.

Warehouse Anywhere integrates with WMS, ERP and CRM systems bringing that same power to other areas of your business. We have 10,000 locations nationwide, which opens up a world of opportunities for life-critical businesses like healthcare.

Support Vendor Managed Inventory

Warehouse Anywhere gives hospitals the ability to control their own orders through familiar and native systems. With customers, you can now leverage the same tools you give your sales team and enable your customer to be the one to request product when they need it.

Healthcare logistics solutions like Warehouse Anywhere keep inventory closer to the customer, thus shortening the last-mile to deliver the product into a customer's hands the same day.

Minimize Consignment

Consignment can help bridge the last mile but at a sacrifice of a human touch. With Warehouse Anywhere's widely distributed locations, the product is always close to the end customer and the sales rep is always able to control the sale.

Each touch point is an opportunity to deepen the relationship. Our healthcare logistics solutions use technology to encourage human interaction and reinforce loyalty.

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