Healthcare Logistics and Warehousing for Medical Device Suppliers

Give customers on-demand delivery, stay FDA compliant, and eliminate consignment

Warehouse Anywhere makes your inventory management, medical logistics, and distribution accurate and agile with a system of mini-warehouses customized to you.

Get the total healthcare 3PL solution that simplifies and speeds up your sales process

Enable your sales team to focus on building client relationships instead of inventory management. Warehouse Anywhere's forward-deployed solutions let you…

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Practitioners can't wait weeks for the delivery of life-saving products. With forward deployment, weeks can become hours

Traditional hub + spoke distribution model

map of single warehouse
Long and costly delivery times make on-demand delivery impossible.

Forward stocking locations with Warehouse Anywhere

map of forwardard deployment with many warehouses
Inventory is stored near your installation bases, giving you competitive response times.

How our 3PL solution simplifies healthcare logistics and boosts medical device sales:

  • Our experts help you build a custom distribution network from over 11,000 locations nationwide
  • Choose locations with controls that meet your needs, such as climate-controlled and drive-up accessible units
  • You get complete oversight and transparency at every stage of the supply chain with RFID tracking on select plans
  • Never worry about technology integration with your current WMS, ERP and CRM systems - we do it for you
  • Our technology allows your customers to order directly from your existing inventory, enabling a smooth sales process

No other medical supply logistics solution makes it easier or more affordable for you to become the supplier of choice

  • Tailored Flat Rate Plans

    Get a plan that stays consistent and fits your business, no matter your network size

  • Fully Automated Custody Tracking *

    RFID trackers trace and update product data in real-time

  • Secure Anytime Access *

    Intelligent locks keep your products accessible to your team while being secure 24/7

  • On-Demand Product Ordering *

    Your practitioner clients can order directly from your inventory

  • Full Technology Integration *

    Done-for-you integration of your WMS, ERP, and CRM systems with our software

  • Transparent Reporting *

    View lot, expiration, and temperature throughout a product's lifetime

*Select plans only. During your initial consult, we'll discuss your needs and create a solution that's tailored to your business.

Have total control of your product chain of custody from rep to practitioner.

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Here's how Warehouse Anywhere helps you maintain tighter control while improving customer relationships

healthcare product inventory Our distribution experts will help you choose the perfect locations to service your customers (Select plans only)

Offer on-demand delivery to hospitals and practices nationwide with agile healthcare logistics.

With a network of over 11,000 locations to choose from, your reach and rapid speed of delivery will make you the clear choice over other suppliers.

FDA compliance meeting FDA compliance is automated with RFID product tracking and rapid real-time updates (Select plans only)

Your locations and inventory will be equipped with RFID tracking technology for the most reliable insight into every product.

Effortlessly track lot numbers, expiration, and delivery status of each item and control LIFO or FIFO picking methods.

efficient last mile delivery Eliminate consignment and provide a more human touch without sacrificing efficient last mile delivery (Select plans only)

With mini-warehouse locations close to your customers, your sales reps get more control of the sale while practitioners get quick access to the products they need.

Build trust, reinforce loyalty and become the medical device supplier of choice in all your customer hotspots.

inventory calculations Streamline your sales process with on-demand vendor managed inventory (Select plans only)

Demand for medical supplies can be unpredictable. Give your customers the ability to request a product when they need it directly from your inventory.

Warehouse Anywhere allows hospitals to control their own orders through familiar and native systems.

shipping software Transition from your old provider in days, not weeks. We'll integrate your tech and transfer stock for you.

With an Enterprise plan, our proprietary couriers will completely handle your inventory move and set-up of the new warehouses.

Done-for-you software integration removes the technical hassle, making the transition to Warehouse Anywhere feel automatic.

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For businesses that need a complete solution, including real-time visibility and NFO delivery option

  • One Single Lease
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Intelligent Locking System
  • Web and Mobile Application
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • Real-time Inventory Tracking
  • Next Flight Out Delivery

Starting at $350 Per Location Per Month

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Simplify your medical device distribution without giving up an ounce of product control or insight.

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Speed up your product distribution while getting access to transparent inventory management tools that take the burden off your sales team.

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