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Doing Pharmaceutical Logistics The Right Way

Pharmaceutical logistics require stringent controls every step of the supply chain. With so much oversight it can be crippling to get life-saving product from the manufacturer into a patient's hands.

Warehouse Anywhere as a pharmaceutical supply chain solution ensures compliance with all regulation, while simultaneously enabling your sales force to focus on selling more product.

Chain of Custody Tracking

The greatest risk in a pharmaceutical supply chain is traceability, not only to be able to handle recalls, but also know where each expiry is, and be able to prove temperature controls.

Warehouse Anywhere uses the latest in RFID technology to track lot, expiration dates, and even temperature through the product life cycle. With pharmaceutical cold chain logistics tracking, the product is tracked and managed every step in the chain. FIFO and LIFO picking methods ensure product gets pulled in the right order every time.

In our process, each transaction is logged with specific access controls for transparency on custody. This makes auditing seamless with real-time tracking and a full chain of custody from rep to practitioner. Automation makes increased visibility even more cost-effective.

Adjustments as Inventory Controls

Your inventory can be one of the largest line items on your balance sheet. When product is removed, it needs to be accounted for properly. Having eye on the specific reason the inventory is removed can give insight into opportunities for internal processes.

By knowing if a product was removed due to spoilage, damage, shrink, contamination highlights opportunities to leadership. Peter Drucker wrote "What gets measured gets managed." You choose the adjustment reasons that are best for your business, and Warehouse Anywhere will send those measures directly to your ERP.

If a controlled product needs to be removed from inventory for spoilage or damage, we will manage the proper disposal with the help of a third party. The inventory adjustment is passed seamlessly to the ERP with no extra effort.

Driving Sales with Faster Delivery Times

In a fiercely competitive market, it is critical to have a product when a patient needs it. Warehouse Anywhere's pharma logistics reduces the last mile so reps can access product faster.Read More

The legacy supply chain stores product in massive locations on either coast. This requires a considerable investment in land, labor, and shipping. By leveraging a pharma logistics company, your sales reps have access to the products within miles of where it is needed.

The primary focus of the sales team should always be getting more product to customers. Our pharmaceutical supply chain solutions facilitate that process.

Equip your sales team with accurate inventory status through mobile and web applications, powered by real-time RFID inventory management. RFID tracking allows sales reps the freedom to grab the product and go while accurately tracking each piece every time while decreasing the liability of damaged drugs.

Integrations to WMS, ERP, and CRM systems ensure the data can be accessed from the tools with which the sales rep is already familiar. Over 10,000 Warehouse Anywhere locations through the country bring the product within miles of each destination.

Consolidated Billing

Warehouse Anywhere manages the entirety of the facility leasing on your behalf. With direct visibility to the entire supply chain, transportation and warehousing solutions, we can pull all of your data into a single interface.

What does that look like for you? You will receive a single invoice, delivered electronically, segmented by your expense codes, associates, and costs throughout your supply chain. This gives your team the transparency you need to make informed business decisions, the detail for accuracy, and the simplicity to make those decisions faster than ever before.

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