Supply Chain Solutions for the Service & Repair Industry

Advanced 3PL solutions for the service and repair industry — so you can meet SLA and make better use of your support team's timeRead More

The Power of Forward-Deployed Inventory in the Service Industry

With over 10,000 locations, Warehouse Anywhere lets you stock closer to your point of use than you thought possible. Our micro-warehouses with real-time tracking allow location optimization to happen with maximum inventory accuracy, flexibility, and availability. We call it forward-deployed inventory. Our clients call it a winning formula.

Meeting Aggressive Service Level Agreements

Service Level Agreements (SLA) come with stiff penalties, but the real cost is the client-provider relationship. If your client is losing business to lost performance, penalties rarely cover their cost or reputation with their customers.

Service level agreement logistics through Warehouse Anywhere keeps critical inventory through our network strategically balanced near your customers. By reducing the last-mile, the service team can spend less time traveling and more time diagnosing and implementing solutions.

Decreased Drive Time to Work Orders

With aggressive SLA, it is critical to eliminate as much drive time as possible. Smart 3PLs put the product close to key customers so less time is wasted on non-value add activities.

Leveraging the available warehouse space in important markets differentiates you in the marketplace. With our network of storage locations, you can offer your customers more competitive terms on service level agreements and the confidence that your team can support them.

Continuous RFID Scanning for Greater Inventory Accuracy and Availability

The primary focus of your service team should always be on completing a work order as quickly as possible to satisfy your customer. Our unique service level agreement logistics model facilitates that process.

Real-time RFID inventory management provides your service team with accurate inventory status through mobile and web applications in the hands of your field technicians. Your reps have the freedom to grab the product and go while accurately tracking each piece every time. Not only does this minimize time spent in your storage area scanning products, but it also results in a decrease in errors.

Let us expedite Sarbanes-Oxley compliance checks for you with cycle counts, too. We can also bridge the gap between inventory and ERP systems.

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Your Supply Chain Has Never Been This Flexible

Your service team is usually limited to the inventory they can carry in their van or truck. While this is efficient for common parts, it is not possible to have the product needed for every service call.

When it comes to Warehouse Anywhere's forward-deployed inventory process, the value chain in the service industry is bringing the product within the last mile of the work site. Close access to key materials separates you from competing service providers.

Flexibility like this in inventory access opens your service to the possibility of a flexible workforce, too. Grant access to your storage areas to independent contractors through our mobile app to expand your team member count as needed.

Courier Services to Help You Make the Last-Mile

Windshield time is the most costly activity in the service industry. When time is critical, Warehouse Anywhere's courier services can bring products to your service team so they can manage time-consuming repairs and still meet deadlines.

By leveraging trained and available staff, your service team can create an amazing customer experience.

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