Diebold Nixdorf specializes in providing software and hardware solutions to businesses in the financial and retail sectors. They empower clients to navigate evolving markets, strategically plan for growth, and enhance customer connections.

Offering technology solutions for efficient operations and secure transactions, Diebold Nixdorf helps businesses stay agile and competitive in dynamic industries.


Diebold Nixdorf needed to increase inventory accuracy in order to better meet customer
service level agreements (SLAs). Warehouse Anywhere’s Spyglass technology offered a way
to do that by automating inventory identification across their supply chain. Despite concerns
about potential disruptions, Diebold recognized the compelling benefits and initiated a
technology pilot in California. Joe Sponseller, Diebold’s Regional Director said, “We were
looking for a better way to identify inventory that wasn’t available while increasing accuracy in
the field. We knew that optimizing our inventory within the various markets we serve would
aid us in meeting our customers SLAs.”


Engaging with Warehouse Anywhere’s team alleviated Joe’s concerns as the technology
seamlessly addressed both the physical flow of goods and the informational flow, facilitating
effortless tracking, management, and optimization of inventory. Opting for Warehouse
Anywhere as the go-to solution for all storage and distribution requirements in California
became an obvious decision for Joe and his team. Their choice was reinforced by the
exceptional support and partnership offered by Warehouse Anywhere. Joe expressed, “We
have a phenomenal relationship—a truly robust partnership. I’ve never experienced such
responsiveness from a technology company in meeting our needs.”


Today, inventory accuracy is at an all-time high. This has resulted in greater efficiency and less
wasted time spent looking for inventory that might not be there. And, at the end of the day,
this means Diebold Nixdorf is able to better meet, and even exceed, customer SLAs. The
technology has received a positive reception from people at various levels of the
company—and it saves field technicians multiple hours every month. Now, Joe and
Warehouse Anywhere are building a case to expand their partnership to other markets. “I can
honestly say that Warehouse Anywhere played a significant role in improving our SLA
performance in the California market for all customers.”

Currently, Diebold Nixdorf boasts unprecedented inventory accuracy, yielding heightened
efficiency and significantly reducing the time previously wasted searching for elusive
inventory. This enhanced accuracy translates into an improved ability to meet and surpass
customer SLAs. The technology has garnered widespread approval across the company,
while notably allowing field technicians to save multiple hours each month. Joe and
Warehouse Anywhere are now actively advocating for an expanded partnership into other

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